Thursday, 27 November 2014

My week with Fine Art

I'd thought I'd show you all the stuff I've been trying to do for my fine art week, the brief/title was 'Broken' and we were asked to bring in 5 objects that meant something to us but wasn't precious. I brought in a couple of things, including my minolta film camera, that I got all excited about in this post and then found out it was completely bust and wouldn't ever work but kept around for photography prop/room decoration purposes. I did have plans to chuck a bit of paint onto it and stick it in a picture frame but forgot about the idea. 

Here it is in it's pre broken state.
Most of the people in my class just tried to smash their camera's apart but I decided to spend a whole day taking it apart piece by piece, screw by screw. It was both painfully boring and almost relaxing. I 

Here's the camera with every piece on display.

My ode to Tom Lellan and what made everyone come and have a look at my work while I was wrestling with a tripod. Fun!

I also started playing round with the camera cases, putting in bits of paper in the spaces usually used as the viewfinders and doing little things to them on my desk. This was after a very boring few minuets of trying to trace round the bis of the camera like the photo above, I think the tutors got the idea that I like long arduous art works that are very controlled and I really don't, I prefer the first photo of the camera parts as it's a really satisfying mess. I can't really blame them as they only had five minutes to see me and my work. 


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