Wednesday, 12 November 2014

I'm not living right so I decided, I don't wanna be your girl no more

So the past week and a bit has been pretty crazy. I had my assessment hand in for uni on monday and had to get a 1000 word essay handed in this morning so its been all go for me. I would have posted along the way but if I wasn't working I was freaking out about working or sleeping and it all got way to much for me.

It's still a pretty big day for me tomorrow, we have to make the decision on what courses we take in the two weeks after we get back from London and its really kinda scary, I've chosen fashion and fine art, which is super weird as i really didn't think i'd ever take fine art.

Any way, I'm just stressing and watching period films tonight, pride and predjudice has just finished so I'm going to watch submarine next.

A painting I did during fine art where I punched the paper with paint covered knuckles. Yes it killed. And a photo from the wedding dress exhibition I saw in London that had the sassiest mannequin/
Last wednesday we had to travel from the museum to chapter arts center to watch a film and see the Artes Mundi exhibition and we got slightly lost in bute park but it was pretty and we saw a load of squirrels so it was cool.

A blurry late night selfie where I did an accidental flower crown.

A design I did on the train today with my new water pen, its litteraly just a pen with water in it and I thought it was gonna be a little useless but its so good. you can just blob on a bit of water and it looks amazing.

While watching Pride + Prejudice, Darcy was one of my favorites just because of the fact he was framed so well in the film.

This was actually from the summer as its too cold for my cats to go outside but i found the [picture again and thought it looked really cute


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