Saturday, 15 November 2014

It brings me no joy and not enough comfort to dwell too much on things I've said or written or made or worn in the past.

Title credit to Tavi Gevinson

So super crappy webcam outfit time! I might go back and edit some of these as I took them all in the space of two minutes while waiting for my food to heat up and they're not the best but I was having a good outfit day. It was the last day of my photography course which has been awesome but has made me worried about the assessment for it in december, I tried doing another shoot yesterday but it really didn't work out so I'm kinda freaking. It was sad to go, I'll have so little to do on saturday's now and it was good to get my mind away from obsessively working in my uni sketchbook and focusing my artistic brain on something else. 

Weirdly enough I've been thinking about closure and moving on and I think I'm finally changing from the Rosie in school, both creatively and outfit wise which aren't the most important things in the world but they're important to me. This outfit is kind of a fare well to that Rosie, I'm wearing my favorite grey jumper that I wear for literally every season that I bought so long ago I cant even remember where from and my uber eighties mom jeans from the charity shop that needs a bit more wear before I can properly sit down in it, i.e way too tight, and an ancient knock off pair of brogues that really should have fallen apart by now but look almost new which is super weird. It's not the most interesting outfit in my wardrobe but I had fun wearing it and talking photos of it, which is what fashion should be about right?

I spent ages trying to show my shoes without falling over before realising it would be easier to just adjust my laptop.

I also realised that my jeans matched my bowl of rice and mush. 

I love rice and mush.


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