Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A very excusable absence

While its only been a week since my last post, and I did start Art school last Wednesday, I was planning to write a couple of short post to keep myself occupied until the weekend (oh yeah, did I mention? I get Friday's off!) but then disaster struck....

The charger of my laptop finally died after many make shift operations I performed, the many rolls of sellotape I used to try and protect the worryingly exposed wires. So I was without internet use for the week, apart from my phone but I couldn't really use anything other than instagram and snapchat. Usually posts like this have a beautiful message that the break from technology and internet land gave them a new perspective on life but I just got annoyed at not being able to print out my homework. 

I was going to make a long post about the art foundation course but its not been too exciting yet, we've had many a slightly dull drawing practice because as my tutors keep reminding me, 'some people haven't come from a drawing background and haven't experience any proper drawing' but it's a kinda boring having to draw hands all day. I'm excited for next week though, we start the little taster weeks of all the different areas on the course because we'll actually be starting something big and exciting. We've been told that we're doing something sculptural-ish with paper tomorrow which sounds super cool. I just need to remember to bring my scissors.

I will be putting up more posts in the near future, I do have lots of pictures on my camera that need uploading and I want to do some film-type posts soon.

Sorry for the flakiness but I couldn't really help it this time.


P.S I should really  have a tag for all the times I have to make apologies for being a total flake.

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