Tuesday, 2 September 2014

An abundance of analouge

For a slight change in programming I thought I'd show the sudden boom in numbers of my camera collection, previously I only had my DSLR (which I take most of the photos for here on) and a teeny little digital camera I use on holiday when I don't want to worry about my big camera. This changed a few months ago when I began looking for an old second hand camera I could start shooting film with, about the same time I started to get interested in the works of Petra Collins and other artists who use film. Incidentally I watched a really interesting documentary about Vivian Maler, a nanny in New York who took hundreds and thousands of reels of film which were recently found in a locker. 

I posted ages back about a simple point and shoot camera that I had bought at the car boot sale, unfortunately the internal battery died just after I bought three rolls of film. I found a couple more at the charity shop but none of those worked so I kind of gave up, every so often I'd punish myself with a look on etsy at all the beautiful vintage cameras they have but that ended my quest.

And, like most things in life, once I stopped looking for a camera I found one almost instantly. 

This camera was found in the carboot sale from a guy who worked in Russia and was selling lots of cameras and binoculars, which promoted the question 'Are you a spy?' from my mum. It's cool because its a non battery powered camera so I only need to put some film in and then I'm ready to go. I still haven't done any shooting with it as I didnt really understand how to use it until a few days ago but I'll go into further detail a little later.

My parents bought this Polaroid camera for me while I was at Reading from the car boot, I don't have huge hope for this camera, a quick google told me that the film needed isn't produced anymore although there is a chance a different kind would fit, I also had a look inside and found that someone had left the batteries inside and they had leaked, which left a chalky gunk inside, I'm gonna take it into the camera shop and see if they can do anything with it. If it does work it will be a little miracle, I've wanted a Polaroid camera forever, since I was a little kid in fact, I liked the idea of having an instant copy of the image in your hand.

I forgot that I did post about this camera until after I'd uploaded it, it's a beauty, a digital film camera that my grandpa gave to me, claiming that 'my christmas present for the next few years was sorted'. I really want to shoot some fashion images with this one, once I figure out how to use it. 

Last but by no means least, the newest addition to my little collection, a gorgeous little Pentax that a neighbor kindly gave to me, he didn't want to sell it because he didnt think he'd get a lot of money for it and thought it would have a better home with me. It was so kind and I cant wait to get properly shooting with it, I'm pretty sure he left the reel of film inside so I've been shooting random stuff, seeing how to work the camera and how to produce the best results until the film is finished. 

He was also kind enough to give me a camera bag and some more lenses to play around with, one that has a super zoom and a wide lense that is good for landscapes. It's kind of fun to have so much to play around with, I really hope the photo's I've taken were a good quality, or even an alright quality. The nicest thing he did was give me a mini lesson in how to use them, it was fantastic to understand the aperture and the speed I need to think about when taking photos. 

Once I get shooting I'll try and post some of the photos up here, hopefully my plan to scan in the pictures will work otherwise I can easily just take photos with my DSLR which works well but feels a little meta.


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