Friday, 19 September 2014

Living a disposable life

After nearly a month I finally got all of the photos from the disposable camera and figured out how to use my scanner so I could upload them. I struggled a bit at first, I thought I could just take a picture on my phone or camera but with the light and the shadow it just wasn't working so I plucked up the courage and figured out the loud scary scanner. It's actually not as difficult as I thought and it means when I get photos from my film camera developed I can store them digitally and I can play about with collageing a bit more. I;m starting a photography course on the weekend so I'll be excited to delve more into that, we've been asked to bring examples of good and bad images so I'm going to look through some magazine cuttings later.

Jake Bugg or Jackie Boy as we started calling him for no explained reason

Drowners stealing my heart
The Neighbourhood 

The Kooks, not the most flattering picture of Luke Pritchard, we  had to sit outside because it was so packed.

Random band I can't remember but it looks like
everyone's having a good time
Pretty sunset that was better irl
I can't remember who was on for this
maybe The Hives

The lovely Amy and Megan who were so nice to us and tried out some crowd surfing outside our tent. This was just before us trying, and failing to do a running piggy back thing which had me falling on the floor laughing.

Our Welsh Flag + Reading Bra

The hilarious Kathrine Ryan who was at the Alternative stage, she brought the Beyonce wiggle to Reading and we were forever greatfull

During the break before Imagine Dragons we had a little sit down on the floor to catch our breath, the people behind us in the picture were surprisingly nice about us having a little rest on their legs.

Me bringing the festival swag in a flower crown, wristbands and drinking a mix of vodka and who knows what from a flask.

Salute it Mills

What happened to Niamh's face? This was on the last day in our savior of a tent that began to leak and we sat feeling miserable for ourselves before we could leave for the bus home.

Crowd shot from Macklemore who I know I'm not supposed to like and I don't exactly listen to his music but god he puts on a great show, no one could ever say he dosent put the effort in.

Seeing these pictures again makes me really miss Reading and I'm having a dose of latent post-festival blues and listening to bands I miss.


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